Surface technology

Vibratory finishing I Blasting I Surface treatment I Electroplating

Glittering results

From deburring to gentle polishing: With our modern systems we achieve the highest surface quality – even in hard-to-reach areas of your workpieces.

We have an extensive range of machines at our disposal for a wide variety of surface requirements.

Speed and flexibility enable us to always react quickly to your individual requirements.

Vibratory finishing

Deburring I Chamfering I Polishing


Centrifugal grinding I Vibratory grinding I Barrel grinding

Jet technology

Sandblasting I Glass bead blasting I Microjet blasting


Continuous blasting machines I Basket blasting machines

In the areas we offer:

Shaping radii I Roughening I Deburring I Polishing I Surface finishes I Surface cleaning

Electroplating – surface technology


Barrel plating I Strip electroplating I Selective electroplating


Gold plating I Silver plating I Nickel plating I Tin plating I Pickling I Anodising

Surface technology:

Passivation I Nitriding I Hardening I Heat treatment


We have been carrying out the surface treatment of our products with selected partner companies for years.

Together with our partners, we develop new ways to make your products even more effective.

With companies that are always at the cutting edge of technology, we can offer you everything from a single source and optimise your products with our partners.