Smart in sensor technology

In the field of sensor technology, we produce the most precise components such as sensor housings or very accurate components for the assembly of sensor elements.

It is impossible to imagine our world without sensors. They can be found in almost all areas of our everyday life. Sensors are used to detect physical or chemical properties that become visible to the user with the help of electronic conversion. Sensors measure temperatures, pressure, humidity, brightness, acceleration and much more.

To protect the sensitive electronic heart of a sensor from environmental influences such as humidity, temperature or pressure, it is embedded in a housing made of steel, plastic or other materials.

Such applications often require very high-quality materials and very precisely produced components. We produce complex components for these applications from high-alloy stainless steels.

Whether prototypes, small series or very large quantities: thanks to our large machine park and our large material stock, we can react quickly to customer requirements.

We understand TECHNOLOGY.