A good connection lasts forever

Creating a connection.

Components are developed for a wide variety of applications that require a strong connection. In the field of electrical connectors, solutions are developed that defy all environmental influences.

We produce individual components, assemblies and customized connectors for a wide variety of applications.

The range of applications is as diverse as it is interesting.



The range of applications extends from standard components for industrial use to use in borderline areas with extreme pressure, temperatures, chemical fluids or electrical currents.

We manufacture contacts from standard alloys and components from special metals or special alloys such as nickel-nickel base materials, titanium, Inconell and many more.

Our connector components are used in the fields of aerospace, nuclear technology, gas and oil industry, alternative energy technology, automotive industry, sensor technology or medical technology.

We create connections.

This is not only a motto, but the incentive to always deliver the right product with the best possible quality in our productions.

Based on our experience and the high level of automation, we always try to manufacture the best possible product and constantly improve the processes.

A good connection lasts forever.

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