Innovative for automotive

Inventive in electrical engineering

High-tech for hydraulics and pneumatics

High-performance lighting technology

Solutions for aerospace

Masterly in machine and tool construction

More precision for medical technology

Stylish for the jewellery industry

Smart in sensor technology

Precision is our strength


We specialise in the manufacture of metal products: Turned and milled parts, formed parts, sensor components, contact and shaped pins as well as stamped and stamped-bent parts.

Since 1993 we have been a reliable family business that implements customer concepts at the highest quality level. We distinguish ourselves by being open to new product areas and challenges.

Our innovative way of thinking has enabled us to position ourselves on the world market. Our customers appreciate our fresh entrepreneurial spirit. Competence in many areas is our strength.

We take off when others run out of air.

Our seal of quality for precision

Our assemblies



Our product portfolio in the automotive sector ranges from connectors for cable assembly to components for sensor applications.


In our high-quality machinery we manufacture highly complex microcomponents for applications in the aerospace industry.

Jewellery industry

Our jewellery and precious metal products are manufactured in very small dimensions and very narrow tolerances.

Electronics engineering

We have a lot of experience in the production of contact elements and plug connectors in different dimensions and surfaces.

Machine and tool construction

We design, construct and build both tools and machines for the most diverse applications of our customers.

Sensor technology

In the field of sensor technology, we produce the most precise components such as sensor housings or very precise components for the construction of sensor elements.

Lighting technology

The field of lighting technology is constantly changing. In this segment, we also offer our customers fast and effective production.

Medical technology

We produce a wide variety of bone screws and implants of the highest quality for our customers in the medical field.

Hydraulics and pneumatics

We manufacture high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic elements and offer everything from a single source, from prototype construction to series production.

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