Stamping technology

Performance due to most modern technology

We manufacture precision stamped and die cut components in fully automatic "Bruderer" punch presses machines of high quality. Most modern monitoring of the processes as well as lifting velocities up to 1200 strokes per minute enable us economical but reliable and precise manufacture of high quality.

Our company is able to offer you anything from the first prototypes to series production.

We construct and manufacture high precision progressive dies made of tool steel, powder metallurgical steel and carbide.

Stamping technology

We manufacture stamped, die cut, drawn components and inlay parts as well as endless belts and assembly groups out of all usual
materials and according to the specification of our customers.

Surface technology

In cooperation with powerful companies, we offer our customers the service of previous and subsequent treatment of surface:
Gold, silver, nickel, zinc and chromium plating, browning, staining.